How to Fix Problem Areas in Garments with Tips from Patches4less

iron on patches
Do you have stained or damaged clothes at home that you want to fix in no time? Well if that’s so, we can help you find the best solution to ensure that you get quality patch work in a more affordable manner. With Patches4less, you are guaranteed to learn the basics on how to attach patches onto clothes without the hassles. In fact, we are glad to share to our customers the secrets of fashionable clothes no matter how simple they are. This is also essential for people who want to personalize their jackets, shirts, and even caps through attaching custom patches.

Our expert tips at Patches4less will also help you shape your patches based on the design that you want to achieve. However, there are important things you need to consider before you cut the fabric and attach the patches. So today, we will give you the best techniques to attain the exact pattern you want for your everyday outfits. Through our professional patching guidelines, you can work on your patches without wasting any pattern and fabric. And this is the main goal that we want to achieve actually. To help people do their patch work like a pro and make their clothes more stylish than it was before.

Making Old Garments New Again

For iron on patches, you can take advantage of these practical items in covering frays using the right size of patches. However, please be warned that the adhesive can lose its original strength after some wearing and washing. So you should be vigilant when patching your clothes by considering the type of fabric and patch it needs to ensure long-term usage. And in setting the sewing machine for a successful patchwork, you can follow the tips provided on the bullet points:

•    Stitch – 3-step zigzag

•    Needle – for heavy fabrics or denim jeans: #90 or #14 HJ, for universal use: #80 or #12 H

•    Foot – embroidery

•    Width – 5mm to the broadest measurement

•    Length – 0.5mm to 0.8mm or fine setting and 60spi

When applying patches, make sure to put the patch and garment under the machines’ foot in a right-side up manner. Also, the patches should be sewn onto the clothes with the right needle and measurement. If you used pins, pull them out prior to the permanent attachment of patches. Circle patches should be sewn in a circular manner while square or rectangle patches are sewn in the pivot or corner. And if you’re interested in patching with ready-made appliques, we can also help you with that. Creative people opt for appliques because they are easy and stylish to use. Check out Patches4less and witness our designs.

Other Important Things to Consider

Prior to applique patching, you need to determine the exact place where it should be positioned. But you need to know that appliques are not solid enough to patch knees, high-wear areas, and elbows. The best advantage is that they are ideal in repairing holes. And to help you perform proper applique patch work, below are some guidelines to follow:

•    Place the applique using pins over the garment’s hole – this will help in keeping the applique in place while attaching it onto the clothes. But if it’s hard to pin due to certain thickness, you can just glue it on the fabric.

•    Use the right thread in sewing appliques – this can support straight stitching while ensuring satin-stitched edges.

•    Tie threads – if you spot on threads on the wrong sides, you can simply tie them off instead of cutting. Some people disguise their appliques as decorations. But you can actually put more appliques aside from the problem area in order to create style.

With Patches4less, one thing is certain – you can find the best patches you exactly need for your patchworks. All you need to do is visit our website and witness wide range of designs to suit your requirements. For patch removal, you can also learn some tips to securely remove the decal without damaging the fabric. But it’s actually tougher to remove iron-on patches so you need to get professional instructions in order to successfully take out the design. Some people use fabric softener and heat the patch with iron to melt the adhesives. You can also try plain water and try digging the patch off the garment.

But the most effective way to remove patches is to use ironing board, iron, and parchment paper or cloth. Put the shirt on the ironing board while the label faces upward. Turn on the iron while setting it on the highest heat level. Place the decal on a parchment paper or cloth in order to effectively apply the heat and remove the adhesives. Within 10 seconds or more, carefully apply heat and quickly pull off the label. Apply more heat until the decal is removed.

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With Patches4less, you can get best patches that you need for your patch work. For iron on patches you can get best benefit by using correct size of patches. Here you can get all kind of patches that suitable for your need.

Tips From Pcbnet.Com On How To Save Costs On PCB Assembly

Regardless of the type of business you are in, money causes stress to. Even though the economy has been improving in the last few years, most American industries still try to look for ways to reduce their expenses and increase profit margins without compromising the integrity or quality of their work. However, this is a lot easier said than done. Our experts here at are aware that it is not that easy to look for areas to effectively and safely reduce expenditures while still meeting customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services. It is particularly difficult in the electronics industry.

Like some other electronics companies, the problem we have in cutting costs is that technology does not stay the same for too long. The marketplace does not get contented with how things currently stand, and because of that, electronic devices keep on evolving into more and more complex products. Electronics companies should also evolve together with these devices and discover new processes to develop the products that customers demand.

Printed circuit boards

In spite of this, there is one item that is still a constant in the field of electronics: printed circuit boards (PCBs). These amazing boards are vital to technology. Now, if electronics companies cut expenses on PCBs, do you think that they can save money?

While this may be the case, businesses like ours here should be really smart and careful about the changes made to the processes of PCB assembly. Looking for practical ways to make PCBs more cost-efficient and cut expenses is far away from “cutting corners”, but you can still do it.

To help you begin increasing your profit margins and experiencing more success, we will provide you with some tips on saving money without having to compromise the quality of your PCBs.
Smart Design

One of the most effective and smartest ways to reduce your expenses is to design and plan your PCBs carefully The strategic production of the PCBs can lead to using smaller number of parts and components, and this would instantly begin to reduce the cost per board. In the end, this will start to add up to huge savings.

Develop Relationships

Pcb fabricationHere, at, we truly value the relationships we have built and continue to build over the years. If you do the same, this will come a long way in terms of savings. In our case, we develop strong and continuing relationships with parts suppliers because we know it is more cost-efficient than if we spread out our business among broader range of businesses. We build these relationships with them because this allows us to enjoy being given better deals. We also know that some of them offer different kinds of discounts, such as for prompt payments.

Avoid Fines

You may want to think again if you are considering taking your PCB assembly services offshore. Most of the time, foreign PCB manufacturers appeal to smaller electronics companies because of their low-cost services. However, be careful if the price looks too good to be true. Oftentimes, these offshore companies use counterfeit parts that do not adhere to the US industry standards. When they use these parts on your PCBs, you may end up being fined or worse, if the parts cause malfunctions or serious problems, you may be dragged into lawsuits.

Repair vs. Replacement

If something goes wrong with your PCBs, it will be easier to offer a replacement, instead of troubleshooting for the issue and repairing it. However, in reality, it will be much more cost-efficient to repair it.

Consider Outsourcing

While working with a contract manufacturer like may seem more expensive at first, a partnership will allow you to have a team of experts. The best part is that you do not need to pay for the salary of these experts, not to mention you do not have to buy expensive equipment because we already got that covered.

Saving money on your PCBs does not mean you have to compromise the quality of your electronic devices. Just follow these tips from and your customers will surely be happy with their devices.


Different Coin Options At ChallengeCoins4Less

You’re not limited to traditional designs when ordering custom coins from ChallengeCoins4Less. We offer a full range of amazing coin options that will enhance the look of your keepsake coins and make them stand out from the background.

Custom Coins

We are proud to supply high quality custom coins to every branch of the Armed Services—Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. We also cater to a number of police and fire departments, and business establishments across the nation. Whether you want to reproduce your existing design or create an entirely new one, our talented graphic artists can handle it all for you. Our prices are unbeatable and you can always rely on our customer support to assist you with all your concerns.

military coins

From us, you can avail of free design, artwork and revision services and use a color matching system to get the perfect color combination for your coins. We want your custom coins to resemble the exact design you have in mind and we won’t stop revising your design until you’re completely satisfied with it.

Metal Styles

At ChallengeCoins4Less , custom coins come in various metal styles to meet the requirements of every organization. Free standard options include polished copper, polished brass, black nickel, polished silver and polished gold metal. For a more enhanced appearance, you can choose from our other finishing options including antique copper, antique silver, antique brass and antique gold. Want something truly extraordinary? Combine any of these metal styles to produce a duo-tone effect and your custom coins are sure to turn heads.

Diamond Cut Edges

Diamond cut edges are a fantastic way to add elegance to your coins. Besides the standard edge cut, we also offer additional options such as wave cut edge, cross cut edge, rope cut edge and oblique cut edge. Any of these edge types can complement your custom coin design in a superbly stunning way.

Additional Coin Options

custom military coinsRegardless of which coin style you want to opt for, ChallengeCoins4Less has you covered. We have a full array of awesome coin options to choose from so feel free to exercise your creative mind throughout the customization process. Choose coin cutouts and custom shapes to give your custom coins a dramatic effect. Engraved text allows for a classic look, while the translucent enamel or 3D designs create a more intense, bolder look for your coins. If you want to protect the appearance of your custom coins, add epoxy coatings and they are sure to maintain their design for long periods of time. Other options include offset digital printing which allows you to feature a photo on your coins, and sequential numbering that lets the recipients know they are a part of an exclusive group. We can also transform your coins into functional key chains or bottle openers if you wish!

Packaging Options

Your custom coins are packaged in separate clear PVC pouches. If you want to go beyond the standard packaging, we can ship your coins enclosed individually in coin capsules, velvet bags, velvet presentation boxes or custom pouches. You can also include a coin stand so you can readily display your coins in your home or office.

Designing Process

Designing coins at ChallengeCoins4Less is extremely easy. With a help from our world class graphic designers, you can create great-looking coins your members can carry with utmost pride. In designing your custom coins, we generally follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Submit your design ideas

custom coinsYou can email your coin design ideas to us and we’ll turn them into an exceptional piece of artwork that will definitely suit the character of your organization. No special art files or templates required. We can accept scanned drawings, images, adobe files or even just descriptive paragraphs that explain how you want your custom coins to look like. Send it in any file type and we’ll send you a design proof within 24 hours.

2. Choose a coin shape

With our unique molding method, we are able to produce custom shapes at no extra charge. You can do traditional circles, dog tags, stars, polygons or any custom shape that you may fancy. We can also match the shape of your logo or insignia to make you coins reflect your organization seamlessly.

3. Choose a metal style

When it comes to metal styles, you have plenty of options. You can either choose from our traditional style options or get your coins with special antiquing or duo-tone effect.

4. Choose additional options

Coin options at ChallengeCoins4Less are seemingly endless! You can incorporate more elements and add additional effects to give your custom coins a more striking appearance and make them more functional. (Refer to the above “additional coin options” description.)

When you’re ready to take advantage of our great offers, don’t delay and contact us right away. Simply fill out our no-obligation quote form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


A Bucket List for Those Serious about Getting Garden City Homes for Sale


The coordinates 40°43′37″N 73°38′59″W might not mean anything to most people, but here lies a city in central Nassau County, New York called Garden City. What is so special with this 5.3 square miles chunk of land? Well, the place offers wonderful and exciting activities, such as the ones listed below. Hopefully these activities will be able to pique your interest in Garden City homes for sale.

Play lacrosse with the Adelphi Panthers

The Adelphi University is the oldest institution in Long Island. It has been dubbed a lot of things like 2010 Best College in the Northeastern Region by The Princeton Review, as well as 2010 Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. It has been ranked 153rd among National Universities by the U.S. News & World Report. The university has been known to excel in athletics aside from academics. Their athletic teams, the Adelphi Panthers returned numerous awards to their Alma Mater after competitions. The men’s lacrosse team has won seven national crowns, and the women’s lacrosse team has won four, three of which are consecutive national championships.

Enjoy interactive plane exhibits in the Cradle of Aviation Museum

Garden City homes for sale have a niche appeal – particularly to those interested in the history of flight. The museum houses countless plane replicas, most of them part of Long Island’s aviation history. There are a lot of fun things to see and do inside the museum for there are interactive exhibits there. The property can also be booked for parties and other events.

Enjoy a day with children at Long Island Children’s Museum

The Long Island Children’s Museum aims to spike up a child’s curiosity, educate them and enable them to enjoy different things. There are a lot of things one can do in LICM, even for those who aren’t children anymore. There’s a bubble area and a room full of musical instruments. There are also various projects that can keep children really busy.

Children’s Museum

Have a picnic at Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower park might not be in Garden City exactly, but it is still very close, and one of the largest public spaces in the New York metropolitan area. It’s also among the reasons why many begin looking for Garden City homes for sale.It offers a variety of fun activities one can do alone or with family and friends. It consists of the Nassau County Aquatic Center and other athletic facilities like skating rinks, baseball and football fields, a full-court basketball court, and fitness centers. The park also features golf courses and the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre that hosts different entertainment events, from concerts to plays.

Shop for a new outfit in Roosevelt Field

This indoor shopping place satisfies the needs of the nearby local communities, Garden City, West bury and others. Dining areas are also located here in case a break from shopping is needed.

homeThe above mentioned activities are only some of the countless places one can visit when residing in a Garden City home. Additional things to do could be to check out sunflowers in Sunflower Fine Art, or get a makeover at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa. Yoga enthusiasts can go to Yoga Nanda, sports fans can visit Leo’s Midway, and pet owners can have their pets bathed in Woofer Wash. One can even take the time to hunt for notable people living in Garden City and ask for their autographs. Some of these people are Greg Kelly, a television anchor, Eric Mangini and Curtis Martin, former members of the New York Jets.

If you’re interested in a fun and thrilling life, you can add numerous other items to the bucket list already prepared above. Begin looking for Garden City homes for sale right now.


History Of Golf Bags

In 1941, during the battle of Bauge, French and Scottish men started playing Chole during their free time. Chole is said to be the forerunner of golf where wooden sticks where used to hit leather balls from the ground towards a certain goal. The game was banned for a while because officials believed that it distracted men from training but became a recognized sport called “Golf” after James IV signed the treaty of Glasgow.

There were no golf bags yet during those times. Players used to just carry their equipment by hand or over their shoulders with the help of cords while on the way to the game.

Emergence of the bags

The first set of Golf bags came abound in the 1900’s. They were originally made from canvas with metals on the sides to help support the golf clubs and make sure that they are safe and secure. These bags also had a 4 inch hole at the top as an opening.

Golf BagsAs more clubs and golf equipment were invented, bigger bags were made to ensure that the equipment will be given proper storage. In 1939, bags that could carry 14 golf clubs were invented, as an adherence to the USGA rule that each player can only carry 14 clubs at a time.

In the 1970’s, it was Rick Reimers who decided that there is a need for better and bigger golf bags that are also lighter but sturdier than the first couple of ones. Instead of using heavy materials such as vinyl and cotton in constructing the bags, Reimers and his company, Sun Mountain made use of fabrics that were used by backpack manufacturers to ensure that his vision would come to life. The first of these modern bags were called Club 9 and were made from nylon and is said to be more durable than older bags.

In 1986, bags with built-in legs were invented for golfers to be able to carry heavier equipment. This was considered a breakthrough in golf and in the world of sports, in general.

More Modernization

As time passed, more bags for golfing were created. Some of which include:

• The Roller Bottom, which also has built-in legs that are retractable and makes use of a Y-Spring Mechanism;

• The Drop Top, which is best used for carrying multiple clubs, especially iron clubs at a time;

• And Elliptical-topped bags that are lightweight and very portable.

In 1996, a bag that makes it easy for both shoulders to carry the weight of the clubs, especially if they are heavy was invented. Then there were ultra light bags in 2001 that only weighs 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.

Callaway GolfIn 2003, a bag with a roller top handle was created. This is a bag that allowed players to solidly grip their clubs without having to feel like their body is carrying too much weight. It is quite useful and reliable and that’s why so many golfers look for this kind of bag.

Then, in 2007 the first waterproof golf bags were created. These bags had hip belts on them so the players can easily wear them and carry with them wherever they choose to go on the field. These bags also gave the players the sense that what they are carrying are weightless which is very convenient for them.

Choose what works for you

So much has changed with the world and with the game of golf and these golf bags are some proof of that. These bags show that as time goes by, Golf Players needs change and so the bags have to change with them. Choose the bags that you think suit your personality well and suit the kind of player that you are and you surely will be able to be more successful in the game.


The Role Of A Motivational Speaker In A Corporate Setting

When problems arise or conflicts begin in a workplace, employers create an event and hire a speaker to influence their employees and top-level management to perform better. Alternatively, these employers send their employees who have the potential leadership skills to seminars to enhance the employees’ current skills. When these situations arise, a motivational speaker is usually hired to talk and encourage these employees.

keynote speakersA motivational or inspirational speaker influences people to make improvements. Usually, the targeted audiences are people with personal and career problems, employees with leadership abilities, or employers in need of enhancing their interpersonal skills. On the other hand, the speaker is an expert on the subject or had experienced the same problems but overcame them.

Why do employers hire keynote speakers?

Almost all of employers think of hiring outside keynote speakers for their employees or sending their employees to attend career enrichment seminar. Whether the business is a medium or large enterprise, a motivational seminar is an investment that every business should consider incorporating as part of career development for their employees. Below are the reasons a keynote speaker can help and boost a company’s operation

A keynote speaker gives out expert and objective opinions.

Being not a part of the organizational chart, a speaker may make an objective assessment of what the problems are in the workplace. The speaker may target underlying issues to bridge the gap between the employer and employee or among the employees. The outside keynote speaker can discuss these issues since the speaker does not have a stake towards any of the concerned parties, the employees, and employers. With this fact, the speaker may be able to convince the employees to work harder and encourage the employers to reward the efforts of their staffs.

A keynote speaker reveals new ideas.

This reason applies to employees who attend enrichment seminar on behalf of their company. These employees belong to the top-level management who needs to hear and learn newer ideas on how to become a good leader. Alternatively, employers send their employees who have the potential to become the next leader. With seminars on career development and leadership training, the employees have a greater chance of bringing those ideas back to their companies.

A motivational speaker instills positivity on a workplace.

Effective SpeakerThe main goal of a speaker is to motivate and bring positive vibes to employees and employers. A company that experiences conflicts among the staffs and top-level management can benefit from a motivational seminar. Conflicts render employees to stop working to their fullest capabilities because they feel unrewarded and unsatisfied with their work. However, with the help of a keynote speaker, the employers can reach to their employees that the company is going to undergo some changes for a better and more conducive working place.

However, to achieve any of the above-mentioned reasons, the company has to select the speaker or the seminar carefully. What are the factors to consider in the careful selection of a speaker or a seminar to attend?

One, the company or the employer has to consider appropriateness. Hiring the right speaker for the intended purpose does not mean choosing the most popular among the keynote speakers. Appropriateness means the speaker possesses the qualities to motivate the employees or influence the employer, too. Moreover, the company has to make sure that the speaker possesses the necessary expertise to discuss the subject.

Second, the company has to study the profile of the motivational speaker. Even if the profile indicates discussion of any topics related to business as the expertise, a speaker has one or two specialty that he or she can discuss and create an influence to those who listen. Ask around what kind of a speaker the candidate is, what kind of seminars he or she handles.

Third, the company has to know the itinerary, if it intends to send employees to a seminar. Moreover, the company has to know who the speaker is in the seminar. Number one and number two apply when the situation calls for choosing the seminar appropriate for the employees.

A motivational speaker can help a company or an employer to motivate employees. However, the effectiveness of hiring or creating a seminar for career or workplace development lies on the careful planning and selection of the right speaker to talk about the problems within the workplace.


Understanding MK-2866

MK- 2866, also known as Enobosarm, has a chemical formula of (2S)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-N-[4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamide. MK-2866 is a kind of selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs. SARMs were initially intended to act like anabolic steroids, a form of androgenic drug. However, SARMs are a lot more selective than common androgenic drugs, which solely focus on increasing strength as well as body weight.

chemical-bondingSARMs can be use for a lot more indications than what anabolic steroids are approved for. mk-2866 for example, is being used as a treatment for osteoporosis, a common bone disease, and certain forms of muscle wasting. MK-2866 is an investigational new drug, which can be used by almost everyone. Athletes in particular, buy MK-2866 because of its good effect on users. This drug can help increase one’s physical stamina – a good reason why athletes are encouraged to take a daily dose of this medication.

It is important to know that a capsule of MK-2866 has a half-life of 23.8 hours. Half life refers to the period of time a drug or chemical reduces its concentration in the blood plasma. This means that in approximately 2 days MK-2866 will no longer be visible in the blood. This is also one advantage of MK-2866. This drug is hard to detect even when using cutting-edge testing methods. This means that this is not a form of illegal steroid, which is banned by most sports agencies here and abroad.

What are the effects of MK-2866?

Most people who buy MK-2866 notice a huge difference between this kind of SARMs and anabolic steroids. Most steroidal androgens are converted to estrogen, which in turn can cause an enlarged prostate or potential hair loss. This is not the case with MK-2866. People who buy MK-2866 do experience an increase in their estrogen level, but it is nothing serious. In fact, the increase in the estrogen is considered beneficial because of its huge potential in treating bone injuries, ligaments, tendon or any form of muscle illness. Muscles gained through the anabolic effect of this drug can be maintained easily without the need for Post cycle therapy. This drug also has little to no side effect at all.

How to buy MK-2866?

Currently MK2866 is sold online mostly by online pharmaceutical companies. There is no need to have a license prior to purchasing this substance since this is an entirely new class of chemical compound. MK2866 is not a controlled substance so those who would want to purchase this drug need not do extra paperwork just to get legal permission.

What are the proper doses of MK-2866?

Although there are no recorded negative side-effects of this new investigatory drug, this does not mean that you can take this haphazardly. Ideally, the most effective is a once-a-day dose, but you might want to consider the dose suggestion below to maximize the effect of this drug.

If you intend to harness the anabolic capabilities of this drug, the healthy dose is 24 milligram for someone weighing 200 pounds, and 36 milligrams for those who weigh above 210 pounds. Taking such dose will most likely start showing some progress after around 6 or so days.

MK2866 does not just increase muscle buildup. It also makes tendons stronger, which in turn results to a healthier ligament, higher bone density and a faster collagen turn over. A healthy dose of 12 milligrams per day is enough to achieve this goal within a span of six to eight days. This same dose is also effective for people who just went through bone or tendon operations since this drug can help speed up the recovery of the limbs as well as maintain the muscles around the bones.